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About Cars
About Buying an Old car
When going to look at an old car that you are interested in buying,aside from checking the obvious match for numbers and codes, you'll need to bring along a few items--if you're a smart buyer. First, do some research on prices for that particular car. Find lists of inspection tips that you can check off. Also, bring a flashlight and a rag with you, and wear old clothes--plan on looking around under the hood. Set up a time during the day to look at the car so you'll have plenty of light. It's also a good idea to look at the car in the morning, so you can see how it starts when it hasn't been driven. Arrive 15 min. earlier than the meeting time--the owner might be getting the car "ready" for your arrival! One last tip: check to see if the owner's manual is in the car. That usually tells you the car has been taken care of.

About Saving In Gas Money
 I've learned a few simple things about saving money on gas: First, make sure you service your car regularly. If your engine isn't working properly, you're losing money on gas. Also, if your tires aren't aligned or filled with the proper amount of air, then you aren't getting optimal gas mileage. Another reason why your car may be guzzling gas is your driving habits. Do you speed? Go to drive-throughs instead of going inside? Run your AC at all times? Constantly run errands? A little planning can save you gas--do all of your errands at one time, and don't do them during busy driving times, where you may idle at stoplights for a larger amount of time. Claudia knocks out a solid 12mpg.

The Reality of Saving On Gas

I guess if the simple truth be told, we really do not care about fuel mileage on these old automobiles. As I stated, Claudia averages about 12 mpg. If she got 1.2 mpg I would still drive her just as much and love every minute of it. It is that feeling of knowing you are driving a work of art that overshadows fuel mileage concerns. I must admit , if my truck was getting that kind of mileage , I would want to find the problem. So even if fuel is $5.00/gallon, I do not think it is going to lessing the joy I get out of hearing my Hemi rumble.


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