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All In The Family

Old automobiles are a real source of pleasure in my family. Below is Dads' 64' Le Baron. He just bought it in December and is really looking forward to going all through it. Luckily he was a Chrysler mechanic when this car rolled of the show room floor, some things money can't buy. He was the one who put the king pins and bushings in my car. Having that kind of knowledge at your finger tips is a real plus. Also below is the newest member of the All-Star line up,the "Chairman of the Board",that's right, Mr. Frank Sinatra. My mother owned one of the 279 new in 82'. The car was plagued with fuel injection problems as were all of them. That eventually lead to the car being traded on a 5th Avenue. What a giant leap back! The parting of that car has been a bone of contention eversince. It is great to have one back at home again.

Finger Prints Left Behind

It is clearly obvious Exner did not draw the lines of the 64's. As a matter of fact the stylist came over from Lincoln. Even though it bore some resemblence to the Lincoln, It had Exner's two peice egg crate grill like the 55 and 56 modles

Does that thing have a Hemi in it?

Unfortunately for dad, no. But the 413 is more than ample. The 413's were great running engines with a very impressive record of reliability. I my case, yes Claudia does! The funny thing is, most people anymore do not even know the difference of what they are looking at. It is amazing the amount of people who ask what it is, not recognizing those tool box size valve covers.

Where The Eagles Hang Out

Again, I hope you have enjoyed this site. If you would like a further look into the life and times of one of the most elegant cars to ever cruise Americas highways , please take the time to click onto the true owners club for perhaps America greatest luxury car.


A Display Of True American Heritage

You do not always have the complete story behind your car. Some parts of the puzzle just can not be answered. The link below is to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. At that site you can find out lots of informative things about your car. They will also for a fee send you reproduction manuels and literature,All great touches for the automobile enthusiast.


A new addition to my collection
The most recent addition to my collection, a 1966 Barracuda Formula S. I hope to be able to post a bit more about this addition soon.